Troy Goode

MVC Framework Delayed

ScottGu has posted a comment on his latest blog post saying that a last minute bug has delayed the release of the new .Net MVC Framework, which was previously slated for release today in the form of a CTP. From the sound of things we are now looking at a Monday release if further testing does not reveal any further issues.

I'm sure I speak for almost all of us that are awaiting this highly anticipated release when I say that all of their hard work is appreciated and while the delay is disappointing, what is a few more days? The full text of Scott's comment is below:

Quick update to everyone - we found a last minute bug late last night, and had to-do a rebuild of the bits. This unfortunately means we won't go live today as originally planned. The team is working hard, though, to try and get it out ASAP (they will be here this weekend finishing the test pass). I'll do a blog post announcing it as soon as it is live. As penance I'm also doing a long Part 4 blog post this weekend that covers editing and form posting scenarios, which combined with the first three tutorial posts should provide a pretty good foundation for working with the bits. Many apologies for the delay - almost there now though, Scott