Troy Goode

MVC/jQuery Presentation at NoVa CodeCamp - Dec. 6


Jeff Schoolcraft was kind enough to ask me to speak at this year's second NoVa CodeCamp. It is being held in two weeks on Saturday, December 6th at the Microsoft Technology Center in Reston, VA [map]. If you're interested in attending, please make sure you register soon!

I don't yet have word on the final presentation schedule, but here is the abstract for the presentation I will be giving:

**Creating an AJAX MMORPG With jQuery & Asp.Net MVC** C'mon, it's Saturday, let's take a break from those enterprise class systems and make something that we can enjoy ourselves! Over the past several years users have become increasingly conditioned to expect a fast, responsive UI that communicates changes in a clear manner - even in the apps we build at our day jobs. We'll see how jQuery allows us to build such a UI using AJAX and animations in a quick, cross-platform manner. We'll also see how ASP.Net MVC makes it easier than ever to integrate with AJAX frameworks like jQuery. By the end of our session, we'll even have a fun little game to play!

In the following two weeks I'll be posting the code I'm currently creating as the basis of this presentation to my blog so that everyone can download it and check it out. I hope to see some of you at the CodeCamp!