Troy Goode

MVC Membership Starter Kit Released

These instructions are out of date, and a newer version of the Membership Starter Kit is now available with support for ASP.NET MVC 4 and installation via NuGet. For more information, look the project up on GitHub.

Almost six months after the official release of Asp.Net MVC 1.0 and nearly a year after the last release of the starter kit, I've finally rewritten and released the Asp.Net MVC Membership Starter Kit. If you're already familiar with what it is and want to grab it, you can find the release on the GitHub project site.

What is the Asp.Net MVC Membership Starter Kit?

The starter kit currently consists of two things:

How do I use it?

In Asp.Net MVC 1 there isn't a great story for packaging & sharing controllers, views, and other resources so we'll need to follow a few manual steps:

What is new since the last release?

Well, the last release was for Preview 5, so at the very least the project has been updated for Beta and finally Release. Moreover, the project has been completely rewritten from scratch - a major undertaking that was the primary cause of the long delay between releases. Why the rewrite? Two reasons:

Alright, so that was basically the long-winded spiel to prepare you for the bad news: the project regressed from a functionality perspective. During the course of the rewrite things some things didn't make it in - chief among them is the OpenID integration. I encourage everyone to take a look at the Maarten Balliauw (an MvcMembership contributor) blog post on authenticating via RPX in MVC.

What comes next?

The primary motivator for me getting off my but after nearly a year and finishing up this release is my desire to convert it to an "area" for use in MVC 2. Packaging reusable components like this has been a sore spot for the current MVC framework and I'm glad to see the blue badges are going to provide a common solution. Along with that I'll likely try to add RPX authentication ala Maarten's post.